Academics Overview

Our multidimensional academic programs our students from conventional boundaries, allowing them to learn deeply from many perspectives. They can explore subjects across our schools and become immersed in multiple areas of learning. The benefits of this academic freedom are enormous.

By stretching yourself beyond traditional academic pathways, you will grow intellectually and creatively, expand your problem-solving capabilities, and become prepared to affect a complex world. Our rigorous academic approach goes beyond developing knowledge to help you uncover and actualize your passion and vision.

Our renowned Teachers create active partnerships with students. They are leading intellectuals and practitioners in their fields, bringing scholarship, experience, and collaboration to the classroom.

Our school benefits from impressive facilities that enables us to offer a vast range of learning and growing opportunities, both in and out of the classrooms.

At JS Margaret Schools, we believe that one of the best ways for students to strengthen their leadership skills, build character, gain experience, develop a global mind set and contribute to the school community is to take on formal leadership roles. Students who assume leadership roles play a major part in keeping our school community fun, vibrant, healthy, safe and inclusive.