The JS Margaret Schools Distinction

At JS Margaret Schools , we prepare young students for college; most importantly, we empower them for life.

JS Margaret Schools is passionate about the education of all of our students, making us an extremely popular for families. We are dedicated to the development of your child, academically, socially and spiritually..

JS Margaret Schools is about empowerment—empowering students to gain confidence to succeed in college and beyond and to succeed in whatever career they pursue.

Praise for JS Margaret Schools

“We were so pleased with how the school handled our enquiries, they were very attentive and accommodating, as of the moment we walked into the school, they made us feel as we are part of the KiS family."" — Barr. Mirian


“With respect to its environment there is a healthy and relaxed atmosphere with good facilities which allows my child to have fun while at same time it secures the proper motivation and commitment to learn. In particular to my daughter we can see a progress at her development where the growth of fundamental values of Knowledge, Inspiration and Spirit became part of her normal life.""
— Engr. & Mrs Ogulana