Our Athlectics Program

The JS Margaret Schools Music Department offers students the opportunity to develop and enhance their musical, leadership, and collaborative skills through a wide variety of instrumental and choral ensemble.

JS Margaret Schools’s athletic program is outstanding.

The JS Margaret Schools Athletic Department's mission is to provide a comprehensive, diverse, wholesome and dynamic athletic program, consistent with the basic philosophy and mission of JS Margaret Schools. As an integral part of a student's total education, JSMS athletics makes a significant contribution to the personal growth and development of those involved.

JS Margaret Schools is extremely proud of the success of our many outings, but we do not condone a "win at all costs" attitude. The purpose of the athletic program, which includes highly competitive teams, is to ensure a positive experience for those students who choose to participate and to provide student-athletes with an opportunity to learn the importance of ethical behavior, good sportsmanship, positive values and a realization of their self-worth.

JSMS Athletic Department staff is made up of professionals who take great pride in their strong concern for the welfare of each athlete. They are cognizant of the tremendous influence of their position and strive to instill the highest ideals and character traits in our students.