The Latest From JS Margaret Schools


JS Margaret Schools is the school that empowers young students to excel in any endeavor, to find their own voice, Learn and also Grow.

Our JS Margaret Schools academic profile tells it all.

  • 95%Pass Rate to Universities
  • 81%JSMS Faculty have recognized degreees
  • 5Championship Titles won
  • 10 team sports
We promote holistic and high quality education to all pupils of the school.
Empower Students

JS Margaret Schools believe in the power of the mind; we believe that all our students can grow and blossom into their best selves.


Thanks to all the knowledge, skills and experience, student's will be able to adapt to a greater variety of jobs and careers.


The values that inspired JS Margaret Schools more than 30 years ago remain a living, breathing part of our community today.

Educational Excellence

Through a challenging and supportive environment, each student is given the opportunity to discover his/her own strengths and talents and to become an independent creative thinker.

Global Awareness

Understanding and respecting other cultures, the global economy, and how to interact in different settings are essential skills our students learn.

Holistic Approach

A broad spirituality underlies JS Margaret School's holistic approach to education. We welcome and include all who wish to grow in spirituality, wisdom and character.

There's something for everyone at JS Margaret Schools!